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Professional Junk Removal Services in Kenosha WI

Mike-Ah-Haul-It LLC is the best waste removal company that offers professional junk Removal services in Kenosha WI. This company was founded with the vision that no job is dirty, and as a professional company, we aim to improve every house’s hygienic and sanitary conditions. We provide a one-stop solution for garbage removal and hauling. 

Our customers are everything to us, and we always work for their satisfaction and calmness. We aim to provide affordable junk removal services in Kenosha WI, to every customer. We are a 100% local and family-owned company that always tries to provide quality service and value for money. 

Our Mission

Our aim is to keep your space clear and clean by offering professional junk removal services in Kenosha WI. We want to improve your lifestyle and make your place more livable.

Our Vision

As a local company, we aim to raise the standards of junk removal services in Kenosha WI. With time we will grow, evolve and improve as a company and try to expand our service area.

Junk Removal Services

Mike-Ah-Haul-It LLC was founded in 2022 with a vision to provide a reliable solution for garbage removal in your area. Most people take regular cleanup of their places, but junk in huge quantities is difficult to remove. To solve this problem, Mike founded this company so we could resolve a major issue related to space and hygiene. We are known for offering professional junk removal services in Kenosha WI, at affordable prices. You can customize your service and prices according to the scale of work, and this feature makes our service within your budget.

Consequently, if you’re seeking affordable junk removal services in Kenosha WI, look no further than us. Mike-Ah-Haul-It LLC is a family-run business that treats its customers like family members. We take your problems and try to solve them efficiently. We also cater to your expectations and requirements to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Services

What We Offer

Mike-Ah-Haul-It LLC provides comprehensive services for hauling garbage in your area. We have the right vehicle, people, and equipment for this so that you can get an efficient solution.

We shift things to the right place; you can get a one-stop moving solution from us. We move heavy items like furniture by large vehicles and a strong workforce. 

We offer reliable and trusted delivery of heavy items that are hard to move. Our delivery service focuses on promptly and safely moving your items from one location to another. 

We provide fast, affordable, and professional junk removal services in Kenosha WI. Our dedicated staff understands your requirements and expectations well, so we also offer same-day service. 

Mike-Ah-Haul-It LLC provides large-scale cleaning services in Kenosha, WI. We clean the unwanted and heavy items from your place to make it more liveable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The starting price for our service is $100 per hour with two laborers, and we charge $75 for each big item and $50 extra for an additional big item that fits in a 6.7 cargo bed. These are the basic prices; you can request a quote to learn more about personalized prices.

You can contact us all days of the week from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM. 

For some services, we reserve the right to collect a 25% deposit at the time of booking.

Yes, we provide removal of appliances like refrigerators and other electrical waste.

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Customizable Service

Depending on your demands, we provide services and costs that may be customized. We understand that each person has a different issue. We offer to pick up the service at a personalized price to meet customer demand.

Free Estimate

We offer free estimates to our clients. You can contact us to know the cost of the service you need to remove junk because we value the customer’s choice and listen to their problems. 

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Mike-Ah-Haul-It LLC is the best waste removal company that offers professional junk Removal services in Kenosha, WI.

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